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Local Museum

The Carnamah Historical Society & Museum's collection includes objects, photos and documents from Carnamah's social, domestic, commercial and agricultural past - from tiny household items up to tractors! The museum is open Friday afternoons from 1:30 to 5pm or you can make arrangements with George on 0439 966 040  or (08) 9951 1690; or Andrew on 0457 911 984 to visit at other times. Entry is FREE and the museum is located at 10 Macpherson Street in Carnamah  |  Map

Find out more at www.carnamah.com.au/museum

The Exchange + Visitor Info

The Exchange is a former mechanical garage and showroom that has been transformed into a community lounge-room, book exchange, art studio  and event space that features visitor information, free WiFi and computer access. It is located at 4 Macpherson Street in Carnamah and is open on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 10am to 1pm |  Map

Historic Homestead

The 150 year old Macpherson Homestead and its ruinous outbuildings are located one kilometre east of Carnamah on the Bunjil-Carnamah Road. Originally home to the Macpherson family, it is now owned by the community and has been fully restored. Its grounds can be visited at any time and if you'd like to look inside, get in touch with George on (08) 9951 1690 or 0439 966 040. Entry to the homestead is FREE with donations appreciated  |  Map

Find out more at www.carnamah.com.au/homestead

Stunning Night Skies

When the sun sets our night-time asset comes to life - the dark night sky and its vivid display of stars! We're proudly part of the Astrotourism initiative and have two suggested spots to view the stars or take some great astro-photography:

Tractor Museum

Walton's Tractor Museum at 5 Forrester Avenue contains an impressive collection of over 60 vintage John Deere and Chamberlain tractors. Retired machinery dealer Hal Walton acquired the tractors locally and from around Australia and the world. Most of the tractors have been fully restored and are in running order. Entry is $10 per person.

If you'd like to check them out, make an appointment with Lindsay on 0428 306 969, Yvonne on 0428 511 276 or Bill on 9951 1364  |  Map

Art Gallery

The Bank Gallery is located in a beautifully restored former bank and residence at 8 Macpherson Street in Carnamah, which was built in 1930 for the Bank of Australasia. The gallery is open 10am to 2pm Wednesday through to Sunday. It is presently showing the exhibition Ray of Colour of works by Rayleen Spencer of Mingenew |  Map

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Mulliah / Yarra Yarra Lakes

Mulliah or Yarra Yarra Lakes cover an area of 119 square kilometres! The lakes consist of an enormous salt lake and a series of smaller connected lakes. The lakes offer an imposing view year round, irrespective of whether they're filled with water or completely dry.

A great viewpoint of the lakes is the lookout on a short gravel road off the Carnamah-Eneabba Road about one kilometre west of Carnamah. The lookout has a large turnaround - so there's plenty of room to take a look even if you're in a large vehicle or have a caravan in tow  |  Map

If you'd like to visit the lake's edge, an easy spot is via the gravelled Winchester South Road, which is located 16 kilometres southeast of Carnamah via the Carnamah-Eneabba Road.

Art + Heritage Trail

A trail of heritage plaques, murals, historic photographs, old advertisements and artworks. The trial begins with the mural outside IGA at 6 Yarra Street, continues in the windows of Wallace's News & Drapery, turns up Macpherson Street and runs up both sides of the street, finishing with the last plaque outside 46 Macpherson Street.

If you're keen for a longer walk, continue to join up with the Walk Trail (below) which goes through bush behind the school, along the edge of the Bunjil-Carnamah Road and to Macpherson Homestead.

Walk Trail

The one kilometre trail begins at the southeast corner of the Carnamah townsite up behind the school as Bowman Street turns into the Bunjil-Carnamah Road (near its intersection with the Carnamah-Perenjori Road).

Paths, suitable for walking or cycling, meander through the bush on the side of the Bunjil-Carnamah road, connecting up to the driveway of the historic Macpherson Homestead and then finishing at the homestead. There's several park benches along the way if you want to take a break.

Photo courtesy of Let Me Be Free blog


Carnamah and surrounding districts are home to annual displays of wildflowers, which are in bloom at varying times between July and September. The best time to visit varies from year to the next, depending on the season. If planning in advance, August is your best bet!

Carnamah Bell

The Carnamah Bell, also known as the Harlequin Bell,  can only be found in and near Carnamah! It is a small shrub with red, yellow or green bell shaped flowers.

It can be found about 100 metres into the Walk Trail (above) along the edge of the Bunjil-Carnamah Road and along the edges of Billeroo Road.


Depending on the season, everlastings and pom poms are in bloom in late July and during August. A great spot to check them out is a cleared opening in the bush 11 kilometres from Carnamah on the Carnamah-Perenjori Road.

Donkey Orchids

Usually in bloom during August but can be later or earlier depending on seasonal conditions.

Donkey orchids can be found in the bush near the northwestern corner of Macpherson Street and the Carnamah-Perenjori Road.

Photo courtesy of Gnangarra

Wreath Flowers

Wreath flowers can be found, sometimes in abundance, growing  on the graded gravel edges of roadsides. They're usual months of flowering are in August or September and they can often be found on the edges Bateman Road in Three Springs and on the sides of the Carnamah-Perenjori Road towards Perenjori.

Free WiFi

Free WiFi is available for locals and visitors inside, outside and near The Exchange, The Bank Gallery and the Carnamah Museum at 4, 8 and 10 Macpherson Street. The password is Carnamah with a capital C. 

Network - Carnamah Cultural Precinct

Password - Carnamah

Parks + Gardens

Rest Stop, Playground + Toilets

There is a spacious turn-around; public toilets; an undercover playground and a comfortable rest stop with barbeques, chairs and tables next to the Carnamah War Memorial on Yarra Street  |  Map

Powerhouse Park

Small park at 3 Yarra Street on the site of Carnamah's former power station, which ran from 1926 to 1970. The park features some concrete remnants from its powerhouse days  |  Map

Henry Parkin Gardens

Lawned area and garden at 13 Macpherson Street - next to One L of a Good Feed. There's a nice sitting area within the garden's gazebo and public toilets can be found at the very back of the block behind One L  |  Map

Bush  Food + Medicine Garden

Located at the front of The Exchange at 4 Macpherson Street. The garden contains a number of native plants used by Aboriginal people for food and medicine  |  Map

Virtual Museum 

A series of 14 award-winning online exhibitions created by the Carnamah Historical Society. The 'Virtual Museum: to be known and distinguished as Carnamah' covers pastoralist settlers, the Midland Railway, farming, early schooling, toys, the First World War and much more! Take a browse online and get familiar with some of the stories that shaped Carnamah.

Explore the virtual museum at www.carnamah.com.au/virtual-museum

The virtual museum can also be explored on a large touchscreen at the Carnamah Museum.


A more practical attraction! Public toilets can be found at:

Additionally, when open, toilets can also be found at:

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